Chapter 24

Charlie was totally clueless. He could only imitate the elders around him and protest. As they were chanting, he asked the uncle beside him to understand what was going on. It turned out that this Axel Insurance company was offering some insurance packages with extremely high returns. This group of elders had been attracted by the high returns that they became the company’s clients by buying a lot of insurance products under the name of the company. According to their agreement, today was supposed to be the day they received their dividends, but when these people came to claim their money, they found out that the door was locked tight and only a few employees were left at the door to block them using lame excuses. Eventually, they realized that they were victims of a fraudulent investing scam. No wonder Elaine had urged him to come and help her to protest. Charlie massaged his forehead in agitation. He asked Elaine, “Mom, how much did you buy?” Elaine said frantically, “They said

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