Chapter 249

Jasmine smiled after listening to Charlie’s special request. After that, she said, “Okay, let’s do that! Since this is the first glass of wine, I’ll start first!” After that, Jasmine cleared her throat before she smiled sweetly and said, “This first glass of wine is to thank you for saving my grandfather today! I’d also like to thank you for doing me this big favor today!” Charlie nodded and smiled as he said, “Okay, then let’s drink this glass of red wine immediately!” After he was done speaking, Charlie lifted his wine glass before he gently touched it against the wine glass in Jasmine’s hand. After that, he finished the entire glass of red wine in one go. At this time, Jasmine also finished her entire glass of red wine immediately. After that, she smiled before she asked, “Mr. Wade, why don’t you tell me why we should be drinking this second glass of red wine?” “Okay,” Charlie smiled. “This second glass of red wine is to celebrate fate and destiny! Even though there are so many

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