Chapter 245

Anthony was so shocked and he was completely at a loss for words. His whole body was trembling at this time… He really could not believe that the magical pill that he thought he had bought from a master was actually made by the young man standing in front of him… Moreover, Charlie even said that this was only a semi-finished product? If the semi-product was already so powerful, then wouldn’t the effect of the finished product be even more effective? The middle-aged man from the Moore family was also dumbfounded at this time and he suddenly felt a burst of ecstasy in his heart! He really could not imagine how Jasmine could be acquainted with a god like him! If the Moore family could keep this young man by their side, then they would definitely be healthy and prosperous. This was because no matter how powerful or rich a person was, they would always be most afraid of death! No matter how much money or power someone had, they could only enjoy life if they were healthy! If anyone

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