Chapter 243

Xyla finally understood what Charlie meant. Charlie was giving her face when he said that she had left some things out, but that made a lot of difference! Anthony was also shocked at this time. Anthony could see that Charlie was deliberately controlling his own internal breath and he was deliberately allowing his spiritual energy to flow backwards in his body to create the illusion of a ‘heart disease’. That was the reason why his granddaughter was fooled. However, reversing the flow of reiki in the body could cause extreme pain and discomfort. However, not only could Charlie control the flow of reiki in his body but he was also controlling it freely in a calm and composed manner, as though he was not feeling any pain at all. It seemed as though he had already cultivated his skills for more at least fifty to a hundred years! Anthony knew that Charlie was indeed an expert. On the other hand, his granddaughter was still trying to provoke Charlie. Fortunately, Charlie was a gentle

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