Chapter 241

Xyla felt very aggrieved and she was very unconvinced at this time. Therefore, she gritted her teeth before she said, “I want to compete with him and if he’s really capable, I’ll definitely apologize to him then.” “How long are you going to keep up this attitude of yours?” Anthony yelled in anger as he stared at his granddaughter. The middle-aged man from the Moore family was also stunned at this time. No one would have expected Charlie to have better strength and skills compared to the famous Dr. Simmons. Reuben was also very confused at this time. What was Dr. Simmons saying? Did he mean that this young man actually had some skills? How could this be possible? Could they really rely on him? Was Anthony really convinced by Charlie’s skills? At this time, Charlie glanced at Xyla and he could tell that she was really unhappy. Her face was flushed red with anger and she had a very dissatisfied expression on her face. Charlie found that hilarious and hence, he asked, “How would you

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