Chapter 233

After being dealt a series of blows, Peter started to sweat so profusely that he could not even stand straight and he had to use the wall to steady himself. Claire did not know who had called Peter but she could see the change of the expression on Peter’s face after answering the call. He looked as though he was going to collapse immediately. “Charlie, do you think Peter is unwell?” Charlie smiled before he replied, “Yes, perhaps there is something wrong with his brain and he can’t remember who he really is.” Peter’s secretary continued panicking over the other end of the line but Peter could not hear whatever she was saying at all. He could only hear a ringing sound in his ear and all he could think of was what Charlie was saying earlier. “You’re already bankrupt!” Peter was sweating all over and he raised his head in horror as he stared at Charlie with a firm expression on his face. How did Charlie predict all of this? He…he was really bankrupt! Peter collapsed to the groun

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