Chapter 230

Claire was in jitters as she listened to their banter and interjected, “Mr. Murray, Charlie helps out a lot at home. Also, please call me Miss Wilson. Calling me by my first name sounds very unprofessional.” “What does he do at home, anyway? Go to the market? Cooking? Laundry?” Peter laughed sarcastically. “Claire, if your husband has a hard time finding a job, my company happens to be recruiting security now. You can let him try.” Then, he continued with a mocking grin, “Claire, if I were you, I would not have married a man who doesn’t even have a secure job. I would have divorced this loser a long time ago.” Claire frowned in dismay, but before she could speak, she felt an abrupt chill coming from beside her. She turned around and saw Charlie stand up with a smile on his face as he said to Peter, “Mr. Murray, your reputation precedes you. Now that I finally have the honor of meeting you, indeed, your personality matches your reputation perfectly. I also have something to say to

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