Chapter 22

After Charlie ran out the door, he realized that Claire didn’t go far. She was crouching in the corner of a pillar, sobbing in grievance. He approached slowly, took his coat off, draped it on Claire, and said, “Dear, don’t be sad. The director of Wilson Group is just a mediocre position, you can do better than that…” “No, you don’t understand. If I become the director, my parents will be able to stand upright in the family again. How could Grandma go back on her word…” Claire whimpered dejectedly. Charlie continued, “Who knows? Maybe they’ll come begging you to become the director. Look at you with your crybaby face, you won’t be pretty when you go on stage later…” “No way, it’s impossible. Grandma has already made the announcement, there’s no turning back. You go ahead, get back inside. Let me be alone…” At this moment, Lady Wilson and Harold ran out of the hall too. The old lady was huffing and puffing after running, with a large crowd of busybodies behind her to watch the dram

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