Chapter 206

After Charlie went downstairs, Don Albert, who was sitting in the car, quickly beckoned for Charlie to come over immediately. “Mr. Wade, get in the car!” Charlie nodded before walking over to the car quickly. Albert started driving as soon as Charlie got into the car and then headed toward the outskirts of the city. On the way there, Albert suddenly said anxiously, “I heard that a very famous and reputable Feng Shui master will also be coming from Hong Kong today. Mr. Wade, you cannot let him steal your limelight!” After that, Albert continued speaking. “Miss Moore is the eldest daughter of the Moore family, and she will be taking over the Moore family business soon. If we manage to save her from this predicament, she will definitely take care of us in the future!” Charlie laughed before saying, “Albert, you are not so kind after all. Yesterday, you told me that the reason why you were so worried about Jasmine was that you wanted to repay her grandfather’s kindness. However, now yo

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