Chapter 204

Who was this unfortunate person who actually had so much money to be fooled by this profiteer? Charlie could not help but ask Jacob, “Who did Zachary sell those pills to?” “I’m not sure. Zachary told me that he had to maintain his professional ethics and keep his client’s information confidential.” After he was done speaking, Jacob shook his head before sighing. “Zachary gave me the five hundred thousand dollars and told me that he was doing me this favor to honor you. I tried to give him some commission for his hard work, but he refused to accept any money from me. He is really a very talented salesperson, but it is a pity that he is a swindler. I advised him to try to make a living by getting a decent job.” Charlie shook his head. It was completely impossible for Zachary to change his occupation! He had already been a swindler trading in antiques ever since he was young, and it had already become a habit for him. If he had to work a decent job in an office, he would probably giv

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