Chapter 195

Harold was stunned by the sight in front of him! He knew that Charlie was good at fighting, but he really did not expect that the bodyguards who had been armed with knives could not even defeat Charlie. Harold started shaking when he saw the murderous look on Charlie’s face. To be honest, the only reason why Harold had come to claim the villa as a property of the Wilson family was because the old lady had given him instructions to do so. Since he had an enmity with Charlie, Harold was more than willing to take advantage of this opportunity to abolish and destroy Charlie. However, he really had not expected Charlie to actually defeat all of the bodyguards so easily. Moreover, he was not hurt at all! Was Charlie really human? At this time, Charlie had already walked toward Harold with a deadly expression on his face. He had to teach this dumbass a good lesson today so that he could finally understand who he was dealing with. Harold trembled in fear when he saw Charlie walking tow

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