Chapter 187

Jacob was taken aback, and he quickly replied, “Mom, I am sorry, but the White family gave the villa to Charlie, not to me.” Lady Wilson started to lose her patience at this time, and she could not even be bothered to hide her intentions anymore. Upon hearing that, she said, “Charlie is the son-in-law of the Wilson family! Therefore, the villa that the White family gave to Charlie also belongs to the Wilson family! As the head of the Wilson family, don’t you think that I have the right to live in that villa?” Right then, Charlie could not help but sneer at the old lady’s words. He had not said anything before this because he had already expected nothing good would come out of this family gathering today. It turned out that the old lady was trying to take the villa away from him. When Jacob finally understood what his mother really wanted from him, he started sweating profusely and stammering as he looked at Charlie with a face filled with embarrassment. Christopher suddenly spoke

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