Chapter 185

As Lady Wilson was dreaming about moving into the villa at Thompson First, Christopher suddenly rubbed his hands and sighed before he said, “Mom, I am planning to send someone to invite Loreen’s family to come over as our guests. After that, I am hoping to propose to the Thomas family for Loreen and Harold to be married. What do you think about my suggestion?” “The Thomas family…” Lady Wilson sighed as she replied, “Previously, Harold left Loreen behind and ran away by himself! I believe that Loreen does not have a good impression of him.” At this time, Christopher said, “I think that something like that is actually harmless. Since both of our families are business partners, I believe that the Thomas family will be more focused on the future development prospects if our children were to get married. Even though the Wilson family cannot be compared to the Thomas family, we have the Emgrand Group to support us. Moreover, there are still a lot of things that we could do to enhance the f

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