Chapter 183

When Charlie saw that Claire was panicking, he smiled before assuring her. “My dear wife, don’t worry about the villa. Mr. White will never come and cause any trouble because of this villa.” Jacob continued shaking his head. “No. Last time when you helped the Quinton family with their Feng Shui problem, you already spent one hundred million dollars of their money just to bid on the clamshell. Now, the White family is actually giving you a villa just to thank you! These two families are both extremely famous and prestigious in Aurous Hill. I am afraid that they will regret their decision in the future, and sooner or later, they will come and demand that you give everything back to them!” Jacob continued speaking, “You should return the villa to the White family as soon as possible. Otherwise, I am afraid that all of us are doomed if they try to settle the score with us!” At this time, Charlie’s mother-in-law suddenly blurted out, “What do you mean?! Why should we return the villa to

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