Chapter 175

It was obvious that Harold looked down on Charlie. Moreover, he was full of resentment towards Claire, who was a company director. When Harold saw that the couple were actually here to view the properties at Thompson First, he wanted to seize the opportunity to satirize and make fun of them. Charlie sneered as soon as he heard Harold’s satirical tone towards Claire and himself. “What? If someone like you is able to view the properties at Thompson First, then why can’t we come here today?” Harold sneered before he said, “The reason why my family and I are able to come here today is because we can afford to purchase one of the houses here! Can you even afford any of the houses here?” Charlie smiled before he replied, “How sure are you that I can’t afford any of the houses here?” Harold snorted at this time. “If you can afford to buy any of the properties here, then I am a ghost! Do you know how much the houses here cost? Even the smallest house in Thompson First is one hundred and

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