Chapter 173

Early the next morning, Charlie brought the villa key and access cards that Zeke had given him as he drove to the Thompson First sales center with his wife. After driving for a short while, they arrived at the entrance of the Thompson First sales center. At this time, the sales center was extremely crowded. It seemed as though the residents of Aurous Hill were very interested in the properties developed by Thompson First Development Company even though they might not be able to afford it. When Claire saw the huge crowd of people, she pulled Charlie aside as she said, “Charlie, there are so many people here today. We will not be able to afford any of the properties here anyway, so why don’t we go somewhere else instead?” Charlie smiled before he replied, “My dear wife, since we are already here, then why don’t we just head in and take a look? We have nothing to lose anyway. I really want to take a look at the properties developed by this company. Will you accompany me?” At this tim

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