Chapter 1657

Actually, Masayoshi’s remarks were not unreasonable. There was certainly an information gap between Ito Yahiko and him because of the different understanding of the market. At this moment, Ito Yahiko must have thought that Kobayashi Stomach Pill was invincible, and he would love to get on the money-making bandwagon, which was Kobayashi Pharma. However, Masayoshi and other Kobayashi family members were now aware of the existence of the Apothecary Pharmaceutical. They also knew that at this moment, a type of drug called Apothecary Stomach Pill became very popular in Oskia and Aurous Hill and that the efficacy of the pill was much better than the Kobayashi Stomach Pill. Therefore, upon hearing Masayoshi’s concerns, the others changed their mind almost immediately. A moment ago, they firmly believed that Kobayashi Pharma must have a valuation of at least 20 billion and anything less than that was absolutely unacceptable, let alone 15 billion. But now they realized that it was a rare

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