Chapter 1655

In the Kobayashi Pharma’s conference room. Many distant family members of the Kobayashi family and several top-level business executives were all seated solemnly. There had been just too many incidents happening in Kobayashi Pharma, one after another, and the tense situation made everyone who was present feel a little nervous. First, the old chairman died tragically because he was poisoned to death. Next, the eldest young master was suspected of using poison to kill his biological father. The second young master then began persecuting and hunting his elder brother down, and he was said to have already died. After that, the second young master also suddenly disappeared. It certainly seemed as though this family of three had incurred the wrath of heaven and was being punished and condemned. However, even though they were nervous, each of them was still full of anticipation and high hopes for the future. This was because they had not been able to have any deep participation in the pl

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