Chapter 1651

Aurous Airport. The private jet arranged by Isaac had already been waiting in the hangar for a long time. Albert and Ichiro had already arrived and were now waiting below the parked jet too. Liam and Paul had also reached earlier, and they were all waiting for Charlie’s arrival. At nine in the morning. Isaac’s convoy made their way to the hangar, one car after the other. Isaac immediately got out of the car before swiftly walking to the other side to open Charlie’s door. The moment Charlie stepped out of the car, everyone stepped forward to greet him. Charlie nodded in response and said, “Has everyone arrived? If you are all here, we can get on the plane now.” Isaac made a quick headcount before replying to Charlie respectfully, “Mr. Wade, everyone is already here.” “Okay, let’s set off then!” In addition to Isaac, Albert, Liam, Paul, and Ichiro, who was accompanying Charlie on this trip to Japan, Albert and Isaac also brought a few subordinates. In total, there were twelve

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