Chapter 1649

Claire rolled under Charlie’s quilt before she gently wrapped her arms around his waist. At this moment, she suddenly felt a strong and unprecedented sense of security. She had already been with Charlie for a long time now but this was the first time that she has held Charlie like this. Although she felt very safe and secure, she could not help but feel very nervous and she breathed heavily and frantically at this time. Charlie, who had been filled with all sorts of thoughts, was suddenly taken aback by Claire’s actions. When he turned his face around, Claire was also surprised because of him. Claire’s beautiful face turned hot in an instant and she stammered, “Husband, you…have you not slept yet?” Charlie also began explaining in a flustered manner, “I was asleep but I woke up again…” After he was done speaking, he could not help but asked, “Wife, why did you come under my quilt?” Claire replied in embarrassment, “That…I…I just…I just…” Claire stammered and murmured for a lon

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