Chapter 1644

Although he would have to give Charlie 90% of the Kobayashi Pharma’s shares after returning to Japan, it was still better than staying back and working at the dog farm for the rest of his life. After Charlie arrived at the dog farm, he told Albert, “Bring both Ichiro and Jiro here.” “Okay, Master Wade!” Albert immediately gave his orders to his men. A short while later, several men came over with the brothers, Ichiro and Jiro who were wearing their work clothes at this time. When they both met at the door, Ichiro took advantage of Jiro, who was completely unprepared, as he rushed at him and kicked him hard as he cursed and said, “You b*stard! You actually still dare to show up in front of me now!” After Jiro was kicked down to the ground, he hurriedly got up and rushed towards Ichiro as he yelled, “You b*stard! I’m going to kill you!” Ichiro did not want to be outdone and he said, “Bring it on! Let’s see who is going to kill the other! I will blow your head off with a single punc

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