Chapter 1638

Claire said gratefully, “Thank you, husband but in future, you should not spend so lavishly on me like this…” Charlie knew that Claire certainly would not be able to accept such pricey gifts. So, he simply smiled and said, “Okay, I understand. I will buy you much more affordable gifts in future.” … After going into the house, Elaine hurriedly placed all the Hermes gifts that Charlie had given to her over the floors in the living room. While displaying the gifts and package boxes nicely, she took out her cell phone to take various pictures from different angles. Then, she chose nine pictures that she was most satisfied with and immediately uploaded those pictures on her social media with the caption: “My good son-in-law went to work in Eastcliff and he gave me so many Hermes as gifts after coming home! I am extremely happy!” Likes and comments surged on Elaine’s social media account in an instant. Seeing many women hurling envious and bitter comments on her post, she could not hel

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