Chapter 1631

Charlie was already a little numb to Loreen’s unabated love confession towards him at this point. So, he simply treated it as though Loreen was just joking with him. He changed the subject and asked her, “By the way, your cousin Dylan must be cycling now. So, where is he now?” Loreen pouted her lips in disappointment. She knew very well that Charlie had been avoiding her when it came to all these emotional matters. So, she had already gotten accustomed to Charlie’s attitude. When she saw he was simply changing the topic, she followed suit as she said, “I heard that he had already arrived at Johnsrines Bay this morning. However, I heard he came down with a cold after sleeping under a bridge last night.” Charlie said with a faint smile, “When he arrives at Aurous Hill, his physical fitness would have already improved abundantly.” Loreen chuckled as she said, “To be honest, your punishment might be a good thing for him. My cousin is usually very arrogant and domineering. He would ofte

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