Chapter 1629

“Eldest Lady?” Upon hearing Charlie’s question, Tanaka expression saddened and he sighed softly. “Mr. Charlie, I won’t hide this from you. The eldest lady has suffered a very serious injury from her previous fight with Ms. Aurora. Although she is lucky enough to be alive, her body is no longer as strong as it used to be. Now she’s recuperating in Kyoto…” Charlie couldn’t help but feel a little nervous as he remembered Nanako’s tender looks. However, Charlie was able to conceal his emotions well. With a poker face, he said. “Are there any problematic complications? Will she be able to participate in future competitions?” Tanaka gave a bitter smile. “I don’t think she would be able to participate in any competitions in the future. Her body is so fragile and weak now. It was just a few days ago where she was able to gather enough strength to stand but she wasn’t able to walk much. Nowadays, she spends most of her time lying in bed, recuperating. In the evening, when the sun is about t

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