Chapter 1620

Charlie could just take the Rejuvenating Pill out and give it to Stephen if he wanted to. However, he stated a condition where he would give it to Stephen when he needed it the most to gain Stephen’s trust and reliability. It was not because he had any doubts about Stephen in any way, but he felt that there was nothing wrong with being cautious under any kind of circumstances. With the Rejuvenating Pill as bait, Stephen would definitely be more loyal to him. As expected, upon hearing this, Stephen startled in awestruck and said gratefully, “Mr. Charlie, I’m really glad to hear you say this. I swear, I dedicate my life to you, and I’m willing to go through all kinds of treacherous routes for you!” Stephen was not only a loyal man but also an intelligent one. Although he had no idea what the Rejuvenating Pill was, he was able to get a glimpse of it through Yule’s current condition. First of all, the magical elixir that Charlie had mentioned must be the miracle drug that could cure

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