Chapter 161

At this time, Zeke suddenly spoke up, “Everyone, please calm down. Mr. Yaleman is also doing this in consideration of the metaphysics circle! In the past, all of us were scattered all over the place. Now, if we choose to organize ourselves and form an alliance led by a single leader, it will definitely be more convenient for us to deal with any enemies in future. Moreover, if the challenger chooses a category that you aren’t good at, wouldn’t it be best for the rest of us? Our leader should be someone who is qualified and proficient in all aspects and disciplines in metaphysics.” After he spoke, some of the people sternly objected to the idea while some of the guests actually felt that this was indeed a good opportunity. After all, the winner would be given the opportunity to demand something from the loser. Moreover, if they got the first place, they would also be regarded as the leader of the metaphysics world. Metaphysics was not solely an academic term! If someone was seriously

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