Chapter 1617

Just as the Wade family members had their own ax to grind and were thinking of a reason they should use to convince Jeremiah to give up this idea, Jeremiah slapped the table and said excitedly, “Well, if Charlie agrees to this arrangement, I think it can be done!” Clayton hurriedly said, “Father, Charlie is already married! Do you think the Schulz family would marry their precious daughter to a man who has been married before? Even if Charlie gets divorced, he’ll bear the title of a divorcee!” Jeremiah said indifferently, “As long as he has invincible charm, no one can resist him even if he is a three-time divorcee or is still married. Did you know how many girls from wealthy families in Eastcliff were willing to become Curtis’s mistress even though he was married? They didn’t mind Mrs. Wade’s title as long as they could be with him. That was Curtis’s charm!” Clayton huffed with disappointment in his tone, “Father! Times have changed! The youngsters nowadays are so self-centered and

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