Chapter 1614

Upon hearing Jeremiah’s remarks, all the Wade family members looked at each other in bewilderment, feeling as though he was talking about a fairytale rather than a statement. By comparison, the Schulz family’s net worth was about 20% higher than the Wade family, which wasn’t very significant at first glance. However, because the actual amount of net worth of these two families was so large, the 20% difference in monetary value was incredibly huge. If the Wade family wanted to overtake the Schulz family, their assets would have to increase by at least several hundred billion. The Schulz family was already stronger than the Wade family in terms of volume, and naturally, they were growing faster than the Wade family. Consequently, the Schulz family was slowly widening the gap with the Wade family. It was not only difficult to rise against the current and catch up with the Schulz family, but it almost sounded like a fantasy. Jeremiah looked at the silent crowd and sighed. “Twenty ye

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