Chapter 1605

Although Charlie did not respond to Quinn’s words, his childhood memories seemed to continue resurfacing in his mind and memories. Therefore, he could not help but feel that he was already a little closer to Quinn at this time. He even came up with an imaginary scene in his mind. If his parents were still alive and they had not moved to Aurous Hill back then, would he have already been married to Quinn by now? Perhaps, the person who was guarding this pond filled with Koi fishes right now would not only be Quinn and himself. Instead, Quinn’s parents and his own parents would also be here with them. It might even be possible for them to already have one or two children who would be following them. The children would be Quinn’s side, chattering endlessly at this time. They would be calling for their father and mother as they asked them about many details and memories of the Koi fishes. In fact, all of this was not just Charlie’s unreasonable conjecture. He knew his father’s characte

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