Chapter 1599

By the time the birthday banquet had ended and the guests had already left, Dylan was pushing his new Phoenix 28 bicycle. At this time, Dylan suddenly recalled a famous hit song that he had seen on a short video platform… It was called ‘Riding on My Beloved Motorcycle’… As he thought about that song, he looked at his old and ugly Phoenix 28 bicycle. He could not help but sigh as he thought to himself, ‘It would be great if I could go to Aurous Hill on a motorcycle. I would even be able to travel for about three to four hundred kilometers a day, then. I would be able to arrive in Aurous Hill as soon as possible, and I would not have to suffer so many grievances and injustice along the way…’ Nevertheless, it was a pity, for he knew that Charlie would not give him any room to bargain at all. Therefore, he could only push his bicycle as he prepared to set off. His eldest uncle, Jeryl, was holding a green helmet in his hand as he tried to put it on for Dylan. Dylan dodged the helmet a

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