Chapter 1591

In order to please Charlie, Wrigley kept aside the little sympathy that he felt in his heart for Dylan. He said sternly with a cold expression on his face, “Dylan, all of us are adults. So, if you are willing to place a bet then you should honor your bet after losing your bet. I don’t think that you should continue talking nonsense here. Hurry up and swallow the jade pendant now!” The expression on Dylan’s face turned very bitter and miserable in an instant. Wrigley said coldly, “Let me tell you something. You should be feeling very lucky now. You swallowed a necklace the last time. This time, it’s just a jade pendant. Fortunately, you did not match this jade pendant with a chain. Otherwise, you’d also have to swallow the chain with the jade pendant then!” Dylan cried miserably as he looked at cousin, Loreen and pleaded bitterly, “Loreen, my good sister. Please quickly help me to plead with Mr. Wade. Please ask Mr. Wade to let me go this time. I know that I’m wrong now. From now on

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