Chapter 158

”You, shut up!” Graham said as he glared at Adam. After that, he turned towards Jack before he said in a respectful manner, “Thank you for your advice. I will definitely pay more attention to these things in future.” Jack nodded in a meaningful manner before he got up and left. As soon as Jack left the mansion, Adam immediately said, “Second Uncle, Mr. Yaleman is a very well-known master from Mystery Court. How can a liar like Charlie even be compared to him? This time, Mr. Yaleman is even willing to help to solve our family problems without even taking a single penny from us!” “Mr. Yaleman did not even take a single penny from us but Charlie has already cheated our family of so much money! He even spent more than a hundred million dollars just to buy a broken clam at the auction today! This is a scam! This is definitely a scam! Second Uncle, why are you so willing to give him so much money? Why do you trust him so much? If word about this matter gets out, wouldn’t the people in Aur

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