Chapter 1582

At this moment, Loreen said to Dylan, “Cuz, let me introduce you to my college mate.” Charlie turned around with a wide grin on his face as soon as Loreen said that. The moment Dylan saw him, he opened his eyes so widely as if he saw a ghost! He was so shocked that it took him a long while before he came to his senses. Then, he started gritting his teeth and growling, “Oh! Charlie Wade! I was about to go after your *ss, and now you even dare to show up at my grandma’s house! I’ll f*cking kill you today!” Loreen shrieked in bewilderment and said, “Cuz, what are you talking about? Charlie is our guest... you can’t talk to him like that!” Dylan shouted, “Do you know why I had that surgery?” Loreen blurted, “My mom told me that you swallowed a necklace.” “That’s right!” Dylan shouted furiously. He added, “And why did I do that? It’s all because of this motherf*cker!” Charlie smirked. “Mr. Koch, please be reasonable and honest. Did I force you to swallow that necklace? Did I pry your

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