Chapter 1577

Charlie smiled in response to Yule’s remark and said, “I have many things to attend to in Aurous Hill, so I have to go back.” Yule nodded gently and said with a sigh, “Please come to Eastcliff often to visit us. My wife and I are looking forward to your return to Eastcliff.” Charlie simply hummed and didn’t say anything more. Yule tacitly dropped the subject and asked, “Charlie, you said you were going to your friend’s grandmother’s birthday banquet tomorrow. Have you prepared a gift?” Charlie replied, “Not yet. I plan to hit the streets to look for it later.” Although Charlie had the Rejuvenating Pill that was a significant and precious gift to the elderly, he couldn’t give Loreen’s grandmother such an expensive gift for her birthday since he had never even met her before. Therefore, he planned to buy a gift with a price range of a hundred thousand to show his sincerity. Hearing that, Yule laughed and said, “I have a small painting at home—it is Henri Matisse’s Portrait de Famil

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