Chapter 1565

Almost immediately after Yule’s domineering remarks, the share prices, which were steadily rising shortly after the limit was opened, suddenly seemed to be rocketing and directly hitting the up limit. A large number of institutions and investors were keeping an eye on the press conference. When they heard Yule’s words, they immediately had full confidence in Yule, and they were optimistic about the future performance of the Golding Group. They had even higher confidence in the Golding Group compared to before he had fallen ill! Therefore, everyone began desperately buying all the shares of the listed companies under the Golding Group which were still available on the stock market, and the share prices suddenly reached its up limit for the day. In the blink of an eye, the share prices reversed immediately, and the entire financial circle was instantly detonated. The reason why everyone was so optimistic and confident about the Golding Group was not just because Yule looked extremely

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