Chapter 1562

When Charlie sat down in the reception hall, the entire hall was already overcrowded at this time. The majority of the media had already sent in their reporters, one after the other. They had already set up various cameras here as they waited for the Golding Group to release their important news. Presently, the public did not know anything about Yule’s recovery. Everyone thought that Yule was already dying and might not even be able to make it to the board of directors meeting today. However, they were all also hoping that Yule would be able to make an appearance. This was because as members of the media, they loved to obtain important topics and headlines that would be able to arouse and capture the attention of the public. Thus, they hoped that they would be able to capture the image of Yule, who was past his heroic prime time, and add some sensational words to their article. This would definitely make for proper headline news. Some people had even figured out the headline for

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