Chapter 1560

If so, would the four of them continue living the life of a eunuch?! When would they be able to overcome living these kinds of miserable days?! However, since Charlie had already spoken, none of them dared to disobey him at all. Otherwise, if Charlie was unhappy, they would never be able to recover in this life. Wouldn’t their lives be over, then? Hence, Adrian could only say respectfully, “Please rest assured, Mr. Wade. All of us will definitely put on our best performance!” Charlie nodded slightly before he said lightly, “Get up. If the people from the legal department come in and see this, they would certainly feel that this is very strange.” The four of them finally stood up after they heard his words. After that, Charlie said coldly, “Before I disclose my identity to the public, the four of you are absolutely not allowed to say a single word about this matter to anyone else. Otherwise, I will not let you off!” Adrian knew that he could not afford to provoke Charlie. He was

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