Chapter 1556

As soon as he heard his eldest brother’s last question, he subconsciously replied, “I remember him. His last name is Wade. He is the best and top figure in the Wade family…” As he spoke about this, he came to a sudden revelation. His eyes widened in shock as he stared at Charlie! At this moment, two figures which appeared to be twenty years apart suddenly overlapped in his mind. Only then did he finally realize that it turned out that this young man in front of him who was filled with vigor looked so much like the other young man who was also filled with vigor back then! When he thought about the fact that Charlie’s last name was also Wade, he was in shock. He trembled as he pointed at Charlie and asked Yule in a trembling voice, “Elder brother, he… he… is he truly the son of Curtis, who is the second son of the Wade family?!” The second son of the Wade family that he had just mentioned was none other than Charlie’s father, Curtis Wade! Curtis was the second son in the Wade famil

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