Chapter 1554

When Adrian saw that his elder brother was agreeing to his proposal so readily, he could not find any more reasons to cause any trouble for him anymore. Thus, he ground his teeth and said, “Okay, then! We will wait for the results of your physical examination to come out later! If you have not fully recovered, I think it would not be suitable for you to continue assuming the role of the chairman of the board due to your physical health and condition. So, you should give up the position of chairman of the board so that a healthy person can take over the position as chairman instead!” Charlie, who had not spoken at all throughout this entire time, simply smiled and said, “If a healthy person is required to fill up the position as chairman of the board, I believe that neither you nor your brother would be able to meet this requirement either.” Adrian yelled out loud, “D*mn it! Stop talking nonsense here! I am in extremely good health!” “Is that so?” Charlie sneered as he said, “If I’ve

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