Chapter 1551

As Adrian was indulging in his wishful thinking, the door of the conference room was pushed open strongly. Immediately afterward, Yule took big steps as he walked into the conference room, and he was glowing with good health and a ruddy complexion on his cheeks. He had a very majestic aura surrounding him. Charlie followed closely behind him as he entered the conference room with Yule. Everyone in the conference room, including Adrian and Rogan, were all shocked and stunned when they saw Yule, who was in high spirits and good health. Adrian and Rogan immediately exchanged glances with one another. Although the two brothers usually did not communicate much with one another, they were both thinking of the same thing at the moment: ‘Our eldest brother was so sick yesterday. How did he suddenly become so healthy and look so radiant today? It was just one night. Isn’t there too much of a difference?’ Moreover, the other board members had not seen Yule in a long time. After seeing the n

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