Chapter 1547

Due to the strong cold air, the temperature in Eastcliff dropped drastically that night. Heavy snow was also falling from the sky. Charlie received a push notification on his cell phone stating that Eastcliff had already issued a blizzard warning from tonight until tomorrow. Charlie was wearing a shirt as he stepped out on the balcony of the guest room. All that he could think of at this time was just his parents. He was finally going to visit his parents’ grave tomorrow. This matter had been bothering him for the past eighteen years. Just as he was lost in his own thoughts, he suddenly heard Quinn’s voice, “Brother Charlie, don’t you feel cold when you’re wearing so little?” Charlie turned around and he saw Quinn. He did not know when she had entered his room and came towards the balcony. Quinn hurriedly explained, “Sorry, Brother Charlie. I had knocked on the door but no one answered the door. So, I simply pushed the door open and came in.” Charlie smiled slightly before he n

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