Chapter 1543

At nightfall in Eastcliff, Kenneth sat in his Rolls-Royce as it was speeding on the street at night. He was extremely excited and filled with emotions at this time. After all, he had received an invitation from Rogan, who was the third son of the Golding family. Although Rogan ranked last in the family and did not have much real power, he was still a direct heir of the Golding family after all. Both Rogan’s social status and the assets that he owned were much stronger compared to Kenneth. Therefore, Kenneth desperately tried to flatter him, hoping that he would be able to win his favor and use his connections with him to build up a direct relationship with the Golding family. Although Kenneth did not know why Rogan was looking for him, the fact that Rogan had actually taken the initiative to look for him was already a vast improvement in itself. Twenty minutes later, when Kenneth arrived at Golding Group Hospital, Rogan’s son, Wilhelm, was already waiting for him at the entrance.

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