Chapter 1538

Rogan, who was standing by the side, gritted his teeth and cursed under his breath. “Why are you giving me so many unnecessary excuses?! If you can’t solve the problem, then just say you can’t solve it! If you can’t solve it, then scram! Go find me someone who can solve this problem immediately!” Adrian turned to Rogan and tried to stop his rage. Adrian then contemplated for a long while. He too realized that this issue was just too strange. He was afraid that this might not be a medical problem. At this very moment, his son Wrigley suddenly yelled, “Oh! Father! Could it be the b*stard at Uncle’s house today?!” Adrian blurted “Are you saying it was that kid who had done something to me?!” “That’s right!” Wrigley replied. “He kept talking about this remote vasectomy thing then. He had also said that he’ll make me infertile. He even said that if we were to ask him for a favor, we would have to kneel in front of Uncle’s house and beg him. Do you think it could be his doing?” Adrian

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