Chapter 1535

The brothers had just left the hospital about half an hour ago, and now both of them hastily made their way back into the hospital again. They wanted to find out what the weird sickness they were facing was. They only trusted their house doctor and it was also to avoid the spreading of unnecessary rumors if they were to ever check themselves into other hospitals. If their followers were to hear the news of the two Golding brothers both being impotent, this would bring shame to their respective families! If this rumor was spread, then they will become the talk of the town and people will be ridiculing them throughout Eastcliff! The two of them returned to the hospital, ignoring their fathers who were recuperating in their room, and immediately rushed directly into the hospital director’s office. The director was preparing to call it a day and suddenly saw the two young masters of the Golding family pacing quickly towards him. He asked immediately, “Good day Mr. Wrigley and Mr. Wilhe

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