Chapter 1525

At this moment, Rachel and Quinn were already crying so much till they could not help themselves. Both persons—one on the left, the other on the right—were holding Yule’s warm hand. They were very emotional to the point that they could not speak. Yule had not undergone any medical tests. They also had not received any authoritative reports on whether Yule had been cured. Despite all these, they still believed their own eyes and own judgement that Yule had indeed recovered fully!   As one who had personally experienced the effects of the Rejuvenating Pill, Yule knew his situation very well. He was ten thousand percent sure he had not only recovered fully but his body was also back to the state it had been when he was forty years old, about ten years ago. This made him ecstatic.   It took him a long time to restrain his emotions. Then, he raised his head to look at Charlie with eyes full of gratitude.    Immediately afterwards, he gently pushed his wife and daughter awa

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