Chapter 1522

Charlie took a deep breath, glanced at the three of them, and said seriously, “Uncle Golding, Aunt Golding, Nana—for as long as I’m alive, no matter where I am, I won’t let anyone bully you.” Then, he turned to Yule and said, “Uncle Golding, I have a way to cure your illness and make you healthy again!” If Charlie had said such a thing at dinner, Yule would not have believed him. He knew that his illness was incurable. However, after seeing Charlie defeat Warlord and Realm Master with his own strength, he suddenly had extremely strong faith and confidence in Charlie. He felt that Charlie must have some certainty since he had said so. He quickly asked, “Charlie, are you sure you can cure me?” Rachel also said, her eyes red and swollen, “Charlie, Yule’s condition is very serious now. We’ve consulted the most distinguished experts in this field, but they…” Rachel couldn’t bear to finish her sentence. They had heard this too many times. No matter which expert they met, all of them

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