Chapter 1504

Charlie knew that Yule was saying this for his own good, but he shook his head lightly and said in an incomparably serious voice, “Uncle Golding, I had only lived with my parents for eight years, which was considerably short, but my blood and soul are their creation. If I cannot avenge them, how can I live up to the blood and soul that they’ve given me?” Rachel had been silent. Upon hearing this, she sighed, her eyes turning red. “Yule, Charlie’s characteristics and temperament resembles Brother Wade very much. Back then, if Brother Wade could tolerate the unjust matters, he wouldn’t have left Eastcliff with his wife and son so resolutely and righteously. You were unable to persuade Brother Wade then and you may not be able to persuade Charlie now.” Yule nodded dejectedly. With a long sigh, he looked at Charlie, then at Quinn, and said, “Charlie, Charlie, you can put off the other matters for a while. If you really do want to make an enemy of the Wade family and make them pay for wha

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