Chapter 1502

As he spoke, Yule could not help but choke up as he said, “Throughout all these years, I couldn’t find out anything about your whereabouts at all. Therefore, I thought that you were no longer alive…” At this point, Yule was already pursing his lips tightly together but he could not hold back his tears anymore. He endured it for a long time before the tears finally blurred his vision completely. After that, he burst into tears as he said, “Big Brother Wade! If you’re looking down at us from heaven, then look! Your son is back! He’s back! I finally have the face to go and meet you now…” Yule was a little agitated and he continued crying before he started coughing violently a few times. At this time, Rachel who was standing aside wiped the tears away from his face as she carefully patted her husband on her back before she choked and said, “Yule, it’s a happy event that Charlie is finally back. Don’t cry anymore. You should know that your health is not very good now and you cannot get t

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