Chapter 149

Adam had led a very miserable life for the past few days. After getting into trouble a few days ago, he had been severely beaten up by his second uncle. Moreover, his uncle also banned him from leaving the house, However, due to his extreme love for antiques, it was impossible for him to miss out on this auction. Therefore, he tried his best to escape the house before he participated in the auction today. However, he did not expect to see Charlie here today. He had always been very disdainful and doubtful of Charlie’s skills. In his opinion, his second uncle had been completely deceived by this young man. However, he did not dare to provoke Charlie face to face. When he saw Charlie making a bid for the pearl necklace, he made a bid immediately because he wanted to challenge Charlie. At this time, Charlie glanced at Adam before he turned around and faced the auctioneer again. After that, he continued his bid. “Seven hundred thousand dollars!” Adam followed in his footsteps. “Eigh

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