Chapter 1490

“What?!” Both Ichiro and Jiro were dumbfounded at this time. Charlie wanted 80% of Kobayashi Pharma’s shares?! He was simply asking for too much! He was not only demanding an exorbitant price! He was simply extorting them! Ichiro had an extremely uncomfortable look on his face. In fact, he had initially thought that Charlie would only ask for some money at most. Moreover, it would not have mattered to him even if Charlie demanded for billions of dollars. He would just bite the bullet and hand the money over to Charlie immediately. After all, he knew that Kobayashi Pharma would be able to earn the money back very quickly. However, he really did not expect that Charlie would ask for eighty percent of Kobayashi Pharma’s shares instead! As soon as Jiro, who was standing aside, heard this, he immediately understood Charlie’s intentions. Why would Charlie want to take control of Kobayashi Pharma’s shares? It must be because he wanted to produce his Apothecary Stomach Pill at full c

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